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The core service offered by Fasta Cycle Messengers is delivery of letters and parcels from one office or physical location to another within Dar es Salaam region. This includes:

  • once-off deliveries same-day whereby the customer requests a courier to come and pick up a parcel and deliver it within a few hours
  • once-off deliveries which are pre-ordered whereby a customer contacts Fasta requesting a delivery the next day or later
  • regular bulk deliveries, for example of newspapers/magazines/printed materials
  • large item delivery - transported by tricycle instead of bicycle
  • collection of post from PO Boxes of clients and delivery to the physical office of the client
  • sub-contracted intra-city courier services from larger courier organizations for example international, national and inter-city services

Ancillary services include:

  • physical follow-up services, whereby the courier waits in line or follows up an issue at an office on behalf of a client. For example, following up physically at an office to request answers to letters, queuing for services on behalf of a client or enquiring on the progress of applications etc at an office.
  • promotional activities for example distributing flyers
  • advertising through selling space on the back of the courier bicycles to advertisers

Fasta has procedures in place to ensure that your letter or parcel is tracked from collection point to delivery point with signature on receipt.