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Fasta Cycle Messengers is Dar es Salaam's only courier service run entirely by non-motorized bicycles and tricycles. Fasta has a cooperative structure and is owned and run entirely by cyclists as an income generating project benefiting the cyclists themselves. Fasta was set up with the assistance of Umma wa Wapanda Baisikeli Dar es Salaam (UWABA), Dar es Salaam's cycle advocacy organisation. A startup grant was provided by International Centre for Sustainable Cities.

Fasta Cycle Messengers is committed to providing efficient, reliable, customer-friendly courier services within Dar es Salaam region. Our cyclists can quickly and safely deliver your letters and packages door to door and provide other services. You can learn more about our services on this website.

Fasta Cycle Messengers is a fully licensed courier service holding a courier license from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority. Fasta Cycle Messengers is a registered cooperative registered under the Cooperative Societies Act No 20 of 2003.

In using the services of Fasta Cycle Messengers, you also have the added benefit of supporting an income generation project benefiting disadvantaged cyclists, as well as reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact by supporting the use of non-motorized transport in Dar es Salaam.